Lecture Information
Undergraduate Classes
Grade Classes Contents No.
Senior Design of Prestressed Concrete Structures Pre-tensioning and Post-tensioning technology, material properties, systems for prestressing, partial loss of prestress, design of flexural members, design for shear and torsion, design of compression members, and design of brides. CEE4403
Senior System Design of Infrastructures Design of steel structure, bridge, concrete bridge, bridge foundation, structure foundation and dam. CEE4201
Junior Behavior of Concrete Structures Materials, design code, behavior of RC members, behavior and design of flexural member, behavior and design of compression Members, serviceability of concrete structures. CEE3402
Junior Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures Shear and diagonal tension in beams, torsion, bond development of reinforcing bars, design of slabs, design of footing and retaining walls, continuous RC structures. CEE3410
Sophomore Construction Material Lab. Basic characteristic of conventional construction materials,composite materials and their usage, static loading test, dynamic loading test, nondestructive tests for structural quality evaluation. Basic material property tests, permeability test, consolidation test, shear strength test, and compaction test. CEE4401
Sophomore Concrete Engineering Constituent materials, mix design, early-age properties, Fresh and hardened concrete properties, deteriorated concrete properties, durability of concrete, special concretes. CEE2303
Sophomore Introduction to Engineering Design for Civil and Environmental Engineers Final design course for Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering graduating seniors. Emphasis on capstone design.Research, Development, Report, Presentation required CEE2304
Graduate Classes
Curriculum Classes No.
Graduate School Continuum Mechanics DD511
Behaviors of Concrete DD532
Advanced Design of Prestressed Concrete Structure DD533
Behavior of Concrete Members DD630
Reinforced Concrete Plates and Shells DD637
Long-term Behavior of Concrete Structures DD638
Plasticity of Concrete DD730